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About California Business Brokers Inc.

California Business Brokers Inc. was founded in 2005 by President Christina Lazuric. Ms. Lazuric left a long and successful career in Electronics to begin her new career in becoming Business intermediary. She is a proud member of the California Association of Business Brokers, International Association of Business Brokers and Mergers and Acquisition Source. She is a Certified Business Broker and a Certified Business Intermediary.

CBB is Southern California’s premier Business Brokerage, primarily serving Orange and surrounding Counties. CBB has sold in many different kinds of businesses over the years. This has enabled the firm to have a good grasp on what several key market segments actually sell for, in current market conditions. Experience is the bridge between theory and reality of knowing.

Our emphasis is in creating as much value as possible with our clients. Selling a business is a serious responsibility to both buyer and seller. We pride ourselves on our experience to handle the transaction with confidentiality, knowledgeable actions, and a vast accessible resource of needed professionals to assist in the deal getting done.

Our greatest compliment is our repeat clientele that have sold several of their businesses through us. Whether you are buying or selling, you are in excellent caring hands with California Business Brokers Inc.

Seller Representation

We have represented hundreds of businesses in California and have top record for facilitating transactions with care and getting sellers the highest and fairest prices for their businesses. Selling a business involved much more the knowledge of documentation and disclosure, it’s about bringing two parties together and making them comfortable in proceeding with each other. California Business Brokers Inc. is a liaison and negotiator between the seller and the buyer to ensure that the deal is handled by our professionals from beginning to end.

Consulting Services

Most often we’re directly involved in our transactions. However, occasionally there are cases when the buyer (for instance), is buying a business directly from a seller and doesn’t feel like he wants total representation, just consulting. We do offer consulting for our clients, price vary depending on the complexity of the request.

Price Evaluation Analysis

California Business Brokers offers a fully comprehensive price evaluation to clients that need a monetary value put on the business. We often get calls from partners that are splitting and they want to know what the business is truly worth by a neutral third party. Our analysis packages are extensive and usually approximately 20 pages long. CBB has sold hundreds of businesses over the years and you can rest assure that the evaluation you receive is not only based on national statistical averages but also real experience in the field.


Commercial Lease Space Negotiation

Whether you have an existing lease that you want to negotiate, or you are starting a business and you representation. CBB can offer valuable insight due to the extensive experience we have in dealing with landlords and reading through leases. All leases should also be examined by an attorney before anything is signed.

California Business Brokers Industry Expertise

  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution (auto parts, food, commodities, DME)
  • Logistics ( warehousing, customs services)
  • Medical (home and hospice care, equipment supply and rental)
  • Electronics
  • E-Commerce (dedicated e-retail)
  • Consumer Products
  • Building and Construction (lighting services, janitorial, furniture delivery, road paving and repair)
  • Food (import and distribution, manufacturing)
  • Retail (Specialty Stores, Warehouses, Department and Discount Stores, Boutiques/General Stores)
  • Restaurants (Independent or Franchised – with or without liquor licenses)

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